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A Message from the President

We create a calm and comfortable living environment.

Thank you for visiting YBK Industrial Corporation’s website.

We produce various kinds of products, such as natural soil paving material (the “GANKOMASA,” series which is our key product), and non-herbicidal weed inhibitor.
We have successfully introduced our natural soil paving material all over Japan, and our products feature top-class performance and results.

The temperature rise (caused by global warming) and depopulation (caused by a declining birthrate and aging population) will without a doubt progress in Japan from now on.
Weeds have s stronger hold on life because of the rising temperature, and we can often see conditions where weeds are infesting at vacant houses or land.
The places overgrown with weeds may have harmful insects, and moreover, small animals such as rats and snakes will live there.
For these reasons the living environment and conditions will become much worse.

Our mission is creative and original.
We contribute to comfortable lives by providing anti-weed products and services which focus on the environment and landscape.

We keep doing our best to tackle the weed-problem caused by the global warming and depopulation, and provide people’s lives with calm and comfort. Every member of our company works towards our goal full of dreams and hope.

President Shigeto Yamada

Management Philosophy

Pursuing both the mental and physical well-being of all employees Contributing to society. Be faithful, accept challenges, and produce good results.

There is a saying, “A company is its people.”
Our aim is to be a company which the employees feel happy to work for, and that each employee pursues not stability or wealth but a richness of the mind through his/her work. We hope every employee at our company can grow as a person. And moreover, we want all our employees to work together as one to provide customers with the best products and services.

Next, we pursue our profits with fairness, pay taxes, contribute to our local community, and fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society.

Finally, we use concept of “doing the right thing” as our standard of judgment and action. We aim to be a company that grows and develops by constantly attempting new things, setting high goals, and steadily producing results.

YBK Industrial Company aims for the realization of these management principles through the practice of the YBK philosophy.

The story behind of our products

We would like to provide uniformed service and a comfortable environment to our customers all over Japan.

Soil management is indispensible to maintaining the beauty of the Japanese landscape.
However, the maintenance of the roads, sidewalks, or even private gardens will become a difficult matter for Japanese people because of the rapidly aging population.
YBK Industrial Corporation’s original purpose was the production of dry mortar.
These days, our products are used at various scenic spots and even at ordinary homes.

We have to pass down the natural soil landscapes surrounding us to the next generation.
Therefore, we will stick to the soil business with pride and make that dream come true.

Product development with environmental consideration

YBK Industrial Corporation is contributes to creating beautiful landscapes with soil, and makes efforts to produce environmentally friendly products.
Our natural soil paving material, made of natural decomposed granite sand, can be used as a soil if pulverized – which makes it a product that is both an eco-friendly resource and recyclable.
Also, we expect to suppress the heat island phenomenon effect because our product keeps the temperature of the surface low.