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YBK creates the “footpaths” of the world

You could see and feel the landscape and natural comfort of Japan in many places which using natural soil paving material.
However, there were some problems with this, such as the mud formed after rain and the maintenance burden from weed infestation.

YBK Industrial Corporation solved these problems with our original technique of natural soil solidification.
We provide natural soil paving materials all over Japan, which allow anyone to commune with the soil’s texture. We are dedicated to the creation of a calm and comfortable living environment.


GANKOMASA is a weed-preventing material made of natural soil, which can prevent weeds while retaining the texture of soil.
GANKOMASA series can prevent weed growth and can be expected to suppress the heat island phenomenon effect.
For over 19 years since its release, its reliability and performance will be your strong allies.

[Usage] Road tree planting zone, sidewalk tree planting zone, railroad track side, factory greening, Around the outdoor installation device, etc.

High-Performance Soil Paving Material
Upgraded GANKOMASA, with its durability against impact, abrasion and freezing, is a much higher quality than GANKOMASA.

[Usage] Parks, plazas, stairs, promenades, cultural properties, world heritage, houses (gardens, passages, entrance approaches), etc.

Where you can see our products

Our materials are often used at sightseeing spots, planting zones on roads, and at ordinary homes in Japan.

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